The Main Types Of Booster Seats for Toddlers

Booster seats are those that should replace your child’s convertible once he/she outgrows them. These, unlike the infant car seats and the convertibles depend on your vehicle’s seat belt to secure your baby. You will be able to find three types of booster seats: the backless booster seats, the high backed belt positioning booster seats and the combination booster seats. Each of these boosters serves children of different heights and weights. Some of these serves well as booster seats for toddlers while some others work well for a little grown up kids.

Booster Seats

The backless booster car seats act as specialized cushions for children to sit on. It raises the child up off your vehicle seat thereby giving a better seat belt fit. Backless boosters have seat belt guides and in some, the arm rests serve this purpose. These boosters are light weight, compact and cheap when compared to the belt positioning and combination ones. They are easy to carry around and store and also takes up very little space of your vehicle. Elder kids would prefer these as they do not make them look like babies.

Backless boosters are not a good choice when it comes to selecting a toddler booster car seat. It obviously does not look babyish but the real reasons are the lack of proper back support and the extreme dependency on your vehicle’s seat belt to keep your child in place. They also do not come with the various safety features like the side impact cushion, comfortable head rest or the very essential harness system.

The belt positioning booster is a high back booster car seat that provides good support to your child’s back and head. In most models the back support can be removed allowing you to turn it in to a backless booster. This feature can prove helpful when you are traveling and need to carry the car seat without occupying much space. Though some manufacturers promote these as booster seats for toddlers, the belt positioning booster does not add to the safety of your toddler in any way better than the backless booster.

The combination boosters like the Britax frontier 85 combination booster car seat serve the purpose of a toddler booster seat very well. The frontier 85 seats are forward facing only and can be used effectively for babies weighing in the range of 25 to 85 lbs and within the height range of 42 to 65 inches. It can also be used for older kids weighing not more than 120 pounds. Combination boosters from Britax employ the five point harness system for toddlers and can also be used without the harness to function as a belt positioning booster for elder kids.

Booster Seats

In addition to the five point harness system, Britax combination booster allows to adjust the harness to ten positions. These booster seats literally grow with your child. Your child can benefit from these combination seats for quite a long period. HUGS – Harness Ultra Guard System and the Versa tether (patented technology from Britax) are two other features that you can look for in a combination booster for your toddler.

Kids at this age when they can fit in a combination booster will be very much active. Combination boosters with washable covers will help you keep the booster seat clean. Choosing one with dark colors would be a better option. Ease of installation is another factor that should not be forgotten. Try to get a combination booster that does not need re-threading each time you adjust the height and head restraint. The ones with push buttons for connecting and disconnecting various parts can save you much time and energy.

Some booster seats come with accessories that help you position your infant in the harness system. Though this might look like a good choice which will help you save money, it is not recommended by experts. Booster seats be it high back belt positioning ones or the more effective combination boosters, cannot provide the recline positions that are required to keep an infant safe. You might want to read Britax frontier 85 reviews here.

Not to be omitted is the bulkiness of the combination booster seat you select. If your car is not big and spacious enough to fit a combination booster leaving enough space for other passengers, you might look for booster seats from other manufacturers. Combination boosters of course occupy more space than the infant car seats and the convertibles. Some of them also come with additional features like integrated cup holders, adding to the convenience these products provide.

Combination boosters are preferred over the other boosters mainly due to the high backs and adjustable head rests. Studies show that high back boosters provide better safety to children during side impacts. Though you can not remove the high back of the combination seats for ease of storage, they sure are the best booster seats for toddlers.

How to Self Pack International Removals

In delivering packages internationally, people commonly will let the shipping company pack their package. However, if you are afraid of something bad happen to your package, you can self pack your package, and then send it to shipping company to deliver it to your destination. For you who never done self pack international removals before, there are some things that you must consider. Here we provide you some tips and tricks of good self packing to make a successful move.

Self Pack International Removals

Learn the basic self packing

To do the self packing, at least you must know the basic step in self packing. Here are some tips to make a great self packing for international shipping.

1. Avoid the heavy boxes

To make your package move easier, your boxes must be less than 50 pounds in weight. Put the heavy stuff in smaller boxes. Moreover, for the light stuff, you can put in the larger box.

2. Cover your package right

For Self Pack International Removals, make sure that you wrap and cover your stuff right, so it cannot be damaged or broken until it arrives to the destination. To keep your stuff secure, you can use bubble wrap. This can be a perfect way to keep your stuff from damage.

3. Makes sure there is no extra room in the box

Before you wrap the package, make sure there is no wide extra room in the box. This is very important to make sure that your stuff does not range while shipping.

4. Use the sturdy box

While shipping, your package certainly will be placed or stacked with other packages. Therefore, in order to make a good Self Pack International Removals, make sure that you pick a sturdy box that can secure the stuff in the box.

5. Do not forget to put the label

One important thing in making good Self Pack International Removals is putting the label. Before sending your package to the shipping company, check it first that the box is labeled. Besides, you need to make sure that the addressed in each label on the box is specific to your destination.


How to do good Self Pack International Removals for fragile items?

Electronic self Packing

When packing an electronic for international shipping, sometimes people will get confused to choose the boxes. For electronic, if it is possible, you can use its original box. If you do not have it, you can buy it in the near electronic store and request its original box. However, if the electronic store also does not have it, you better to ask the shipping company to pack it. Why? It is because if you force to do the self packing alone, it can give damage to the items.

Glass items

This item certainly can be broken easily because of their bulk. If you want to do self packing for this item, it is better for you to consult with the experts.

Photos, Paintings

To do self packing for this item, separate all pictures from other items, and put in a one box. For the framed pictures, it must be wrapped in order to avoid the damage on its glass.